Month: October 2016

Metabolic Training & H.I.I.T. For Endomorphs Pt. 1

In all my years of training as an endomorph, my issue was never building muscles, but burning fat. Metabolic training and High Intensity Interval Training seems to address this issue really well. This is one of the reasons why the Beachbody Insanity program works so well. Work out for 3 minutes and take a 30 second break? Sure that’s going to put your body in EPOC mode, and definitely boost your metabolism. I don’t think that would really work for ectomorphs though. So this morning, I just wrote down a list of all the exercises I picked up from...

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70 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises Endomorphs Can Add To Their Workouts

Here’s a breakdown of the 70 Body Weight Exercises – Men’s Health Mag w/ B.J. Gaddour Drop Squats Box Squat Jump Step Up Jump Split Jump Lunges High Knee Runs Butt Kickers Skater Jumps Power Skips Super Skater Jump Sprinter Step Sprinter Skips Running Lunge Long Jump to Backward Hop Side 2 Side Shuffle Carioca In Out Squats/ Low Squat Jacks Skier Swing Single Leg Swing Slam Rotational Chop Low Rotational Chop Diagonal Chop Halo Slam Mountain Climber Switch Running Mountain Climber Spider Mountain Climber Side-Side Mountain Climber Diagonal Mountain Climber Semi-Circle Mountain Climber Jumping Mountain Climber Low Jumping...

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30-Minute Follow-Along Fat Loss Circuit with BJ Gaddour

  Burn fat with with this 30-minute bodyweight workout from MH fitness director and MetaShred creator BJ Gaddour. The live workout took place on May 6, 2016 Facebook Live. Tune in to a weekly live follow-along workout every Friday at noon E.T. at the Men’s Health Facebook page ( For more home workouts like this, check out the 21-Day MetaShred at...

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