This morning I was so demotivated to workout. My body was stiff, my joints and muscles were aching, my head was foggy and I was just overall miserable. Then I decided to just put on my workout gear, plug in my bluetooth headphones, turn on a podcast and just walk for 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Guess what? That 10 minutes turned into 20 minutes, which then turned into 5 minutes of running then another 15 minutes of walking. I’ll have to admit that I did have some help in the form of Instagram. I have 5 accounts managing, and walking while creating and curating IG posts have a somewhat therapeutic effect. (I think i’ll need to order myself a Treadmill Desk soon).

After my 40 minute steady cardio session on the treadmill, I did 21 minutes of hybrid weight training with my 40 pound dumbells. My session included lunges, planks, squats, pushups, dumbell rows, bicep curls, push-up rows, crunches and other plank drills.

So in total, I had an hour long workout; and imagine I almost didn’t start!

I think there’s something about endomorphs and momentum. It might be hard for us to start something, but when we do, we gather momentum, sort of like the Juggernaut in the X-Men, and it’s sometimes hard to stop.

So my encouragement to you, my fellow endomorphs, is even though you don’t feel like exercising, just start moving: it could be something as simple as lunges or jumping jacks, but trust me, once that oxygen-enriched blood starts flowing and pumping, and the endorphins start firing, you’ll want more because it feels so good.